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BIG NEWS: IRS Resumes Processing ERC Claims

The ERC/SETC claim process has included many twists and turns and we are here for you through all of it. In late January, Congress tried to pass The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024 to end the ERC program.

Although it passed in the House, it did not make it to the Senate for a vote. With all of the other issues our country is facing, along with going into an election year, in all likelihood the proposed Act is dead. The deadline for claiming 2020 ERC funds ended on April 15th 2024, but 2021 ERC filings are until April 15, 2025 (2021 ERC accounts for 80% of all possible ERC funds)! 

We will continue to process new claims until April 15th, 2025 or until any potential new legislation is officially signed into law. With the crackdown and closure of fraudulent ERC companies by the IRS and our government, it is more important than ever to let friends and family initially scared off from filing to know it is not too late. They can feel more comfortable knowing we are still here and have good relationship with the IRS. Everyone who qualifies can still file for 2021 and they deserve to have their overpayment of payroll taxes refunded to them.

Many of our clients and affiliates have asked when the IRS will process and release ERC funds from claims submitted in 2023 and 2024. It is happening, just happening at an “IRS pace.” The information around this is spotty at best. What we do know is that they are processing in chronological order, and are currently working on claims filed before September 2023. The September 14th moratorium has been addressed by the IRS. They are attempting to digitize submitted claims in order to better assess and process legitimate claims. They have stated that they believe post-moratorium claims will be resumed by late spring. It would be safe to assume that by the beginning of July we will start to see more significant movement.

In the meantime, please send us any correspondence you receive from the IRS regarding your ERC. It is possible that you may have already either received your ERC funds or correspondence around your ERC. A number of our clients received checks 6+ months ago without knowing as they had an old address on file or used a PO box or mailbox at an address at which they do not frequently check their mail. We encourage you to double-check your official IRS address and mailboxes you may have forgotten about as a precaution. If you have moved or changed addresses we will happily help you submit a change of address form to make sure this does not happen for future checks and correspondence. We like to think of this as one of those nostalgic moments where checking your physical mailbox could once again be a very exciting game to see when that special envelope arrives just for you.

Our Commitment to You

We are absolutely obsessed with making sure our claims are accurate and airtight. We continuously audit our own claims on a daily basis to ensure accuracy and any new best practices, if applicable. We are extremely meticulous and constantly looking for ways to improve our process because this is more than a business for our team. It’s an opportunity for us to live in a state of growth and continuous expansion. We take the trust you have given us very seriously and prioritize your peace of mind above all. We will reach out even for minor changes if new information comes out regarding best practices.

Collectively as a team, we have filed over a billion dollars in ERC and SpiderERC has never had a single audit. We have worked closely with the IRS to support and actually provide training to some of their agents. When you are telling the truth and following the letter of the law, there is no need to fear an audit. We are still standing as a company alongside you, the business owners, and we will be here long after the program ends if you need anything. All we ask is for you to stand with us and get the word out. You can do so by sharing this link with your people to see if they qualify:

Action Steps:

  1. Verify your official IRS Mailing Address and be sure to monitor this mailbox on a regular basis for letters from the IRS and for your ERC refund check.
  2. Contact us with any updates from the IRS regarding your ERC filing.
  3. Spread the word with friends and fellow business owners that they have not missed this opportunity. There is still time. They can file with us for the second year of ERC (which is a significant amount of their own money waiting to be refunded). We have been privileged to witness lives changed forever because of this program. Thank you for being the conduit for this change.

Our goal has always been to give small business owners access to the game-changing tax breaks and services that big corporations take advantage of on a daily basis. In light of that, we have found a new tax savings opportunity that not only benefits employers, but actually will increase the employees paycheck without any cost to you. We all know paying people more helps retention. We will be reaching out soon with all of the details. While you are waiting for your ERC refund check, your company may be eligible right now for this new program. Thank you again for your trust and courage to explore new possibilities for your business in these unprecedented times. We are proud to be your partner on this journey.

– Eric Brief and The SpiderERC Team

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