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    Impact Questions

    One of the ways many companies qualify for the ERC is by documenting that their businesses were limited or partially suspended due to government orders. Such orders can include shutdowns, capacity limits in an office or place of business, social distancing requirements, cancellation of events, and cleaning requirements. We will research relevant government orders in your area, and be in touch with more questions. Here, please let us know what impacts you experienced and at what approximate time periods. (Note that mask mandates are not included for the purpose of this question.)
    You may qualify for the ERC if you experienced supply chain problems due to government orders -- for example, if a port or warehouse or factory was operating below capacity due to government rules. We will research the relevant government orders. Here, please let us know what issues, if any, you experienced, and list approximate dates. If you had a particular supplier that was affected, please indicate that too. We can also gather this information by phone if you prefer.
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